A brief history of CONCORD – from its origins through to the present day.

Follow us on a journey through three lively and eventful decades


Birth of tradition
20. Juni 1978 Concord GmbH was founded by Heinz-Joachim Kaufmann (he established originally the child car seat manufacturer Storchenmühle).

Birth of tradition
Logo CONCORD 1978
Logo CONCORD 1981


Change of generations
After the death of Heinz-Joachim Kauffmann, his daughter Corinna Kauffmann took over the management of the company.

Change of generations
Logo CONCORD 1988


First topselles
Child car seats FIXMAX and MAXUS are the first top sellers in Concord’s history

First topselles


Next shareholder
Concord sells 80% of his shares to Juventas AG, Munich, with the consequence that Concord changes its legal form to Concord GmbH & Co. The adjustable child car seat LIFT revolutionizes the markets and the first real success story begins.

Next shareholder


Next shareholder
Concord’s 80 % share holder Juventas AG sells complete shares to Triumph-Adler AG, Munich.


We're moving
Concentration of key departments in Palau, transfer from Stadtsteinach to Palau, Concord’s development, design and marketing department moves to Schwäbisch Gmünd, the head office in Stadtsteinach locates Administration, Sales and Aftersale department

We're moving
Logo CONCORD 2006


Our first venture into the world of wheeled products was with the stroller FUSION, which had the capacity to take a carrycot, so it coincided with the creation of the TRAVEL SYSTEM CONCEPT

Fusion 2007


Concord’s flagship stroller. After its creation, many versions and improvements have arrived as the years have progressed, to now become one of the best strollers on the market, with a solid but modern frame at the same time as a very compact folding. The fact that many years on it is still a very relevant product, adds proof as to how advanced the Concord R+D department have been since 2007.

NEO 2008
Logo CONCORD 2010


Revolutionary car seat is adaptable to a wide range of children heights and ages, thanks to the creation of the Twinfix System. SInce its conception many restylings have taken place, showing how powerful the technical foundations of this product were.



35th Anniversary
In July 2013 Concord’s development and design department move to new office in Schorndorf, whiteID is located in the same building which enables a close co-operation and short communication distances.

35th Anniversary
Logo CONCORD 2013


For the past 37 years, the Concord brand is one of the oldest and most prestigious children‘s outfitters in Germany . The success story began in 1978 and for many years Concord is one of the market leaders and innovative pioneers for safety-relevant products in Germany and Europe .