Social Project CONCORD & UNICEF

Concord, proud to collaborate with UNICEF to reduce child mortality

CONCORD as one of the leading company in the childcare sector takes on the responsibility for protecting children in its role as an agent for social change. This is clear not only from the products that CONCORD designs, but also from the altruistic ongoing social work it carries out. After the success of the alliance of the brand of the group Jané with UNICEF, Jané Group has renewed the alliance adding Concord to its commitment to child survival rates for the fourth consecutive year, supporting the projects to combat malaria in the Democratic Republic of Congo which unfortunately is still the biggest cause of child mortality in the country and which still counts for 5% of children’s deaths under the age of 5 on a world scale.

Concord and UNICEF united with a common goal:

The use of mosquito nets is the most effective way of protecting children, as they reduce cases of malaria by 20%. The prevalence of malaria has been significantly reduced in DRC during the last years: from a 41% in 2001 to 31% in 2013, mostly due to the massive distribution campaigns of insecticide treated mosquito nets. In 2012, the campaign to distribute mosquito nets in the country reached 25 million people. Today, more than half of children under five are sleeping under these nets, a breakthrough that however still leaves millions of children without protection against this disease.

The alliance

Since the start of the alliance with UNICEF in 2010, Jané has contributed to the work of the organization with an amount equivalent to the costs of nearly 130,000 mosquito nets. For this new stage of the alliance, Jané and Concord have reinforced its support by making a donation to UNICEF linked to the sale of several products of their new collections. Additionally, each of these products will come with two exclusive solidarity wristbands “Together against malaria Concord in support of UNICEF”, to thank all the customers, since they form part of this initiative too.

UNICEF, guardian of children’s rights:

UNICEF** promotes the rights and welfare of all children in everything they do. Together with its partners, they work in 190 countries and territories to transform this commitment into practical actions, particularly focusing their efforts on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded ones for the benefit of all children, everywhere. In 1965 it received the Nobel Peace Prize and in 2006 it received the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord.

**UNICEF does not endorse any brand or product. Concord supports UNICEF.

Concord - Unicef